What to Say and How to Say It for All Occasions by David Belson

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What to Say and How to Say It for All Occasions by David Belson is a 192-page hardcover, a Castle Book published by The Citadel Press, 1955.  Both dust jacket and book are in very good condition.

Book Summary

Out of his vast experience as a practicing lawyer for over twenty-five years, and active work in civic, fraternal and community affairs, David Belson has produced an excellent handbook for speakers and writers.  Here is a compact, practical and conveniently arranged manual to meet the requirements of every person engaged in public activities.  It will prove invaluable to clubs, lodges, unions, associations, PTA's, schools, churches and similar organizations. 

Contents include:  Presentations, Appreciation, Acceptance and Thanks, Awards, Citations, Inscriptions, Resolutions and Scrolls, Testimonials, Announcements of Meetings and Functions, Speech Openings, Addresses of Welcome, Introductions, Thanking the Speaker, Nominations, Installation Ceremonies, Inaugural Addresses and Tributes, Retirement Addresses and Tributes, Closing Remarks, Congratulatory Messages, Greetings, Speeches for Special Organizations, Speeches of Tribute to Decease; messages of sympathy and Condolence; Notices and Announcements of Death, and Hints for Effective Speaking.

ISBN:  0-89009-602-3