Westmoreland Glass Company (Pennsylvania, USA) Ruby Flash Swirl and Ball Covered Candy Dish

$ 25.00

A swirl and ball ruby flash covered candy dish by Westmoreland Glass Company.  The candy dish measures 7 3/4" tall with the lid, the rim measures 5" wide across the rim, and 3" wide across the pedestal base.  The condition is pristine and the ruby stain is intact. 

Westmoreland Glass Company of Pennsylvania

Westmoreland Glass Company of Grapevine, Pennsylvania, was originally called Specialty Glass Company, which was founded in East Liverpool, Ohio in 1888.  The name was changed to Westmoreland in 1924 and was known for producing fine quality pressed glass bowls and condiment jars, candy-filled glass jars, milk glass, and hen on nest containers until the company ceased operations in 1984.