Treasury of Great Writers Collected from Harper's Magazine and Edited by Horace Knowles

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Edited by Horace Knowles, 'Treasury of Great Writers Collected from Harper's Magazine,' published by Wings Books, a division of Random House Value Publishing, Inc., 1995. 

Treasury of Great Writers is a 696 page hardcover measuring 9 1/4" x 6".  Apart from some very minor surface rubbing to the dust jacket, the book is in pristine condition with no visible defects.  The condition is very good. 

Book Summary

Treasury of Great Writers is a rich and comprehensive collection of the best pieces from Harper's Magazine, famous for its ability to attract the country's--and the world's--most celebrated authors.  This fascinating volume presents some of the finest fiction, poetry and nonfiction writing, inspired by the dynamic, explosive world the the past century.  

Enjoy stories by Herman Melville and Sinclair Lewis; poetry by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Sara Teasdale and Edna St. Vincent Millay; and reporting by John Gunther, Elmer Davis and Horace Greeley.  Gain greater insight into the ideas of well-loved and highly respected authors, including William Faulkner's writings on integration and John Kenneth Galbraith's description of the Wall Street crash.  Also offered are lasting pieces by Katherine Anne Porter, E.B. White, Peter De Vries, Betty Friedan, Thornton Wilder and many other classic writers.

ISBN:  0-517-14666-5