Tracy and Hepburn by Garson Kanin

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Tracy and Hepburn by Garson Kanin is a 311-page hardcover published by The Viking Press, New York, 1971.  The dust jacket has multiple chips and closed tears along the edges.  The cover has surface rubbing.  Inside, the book has no perceivable flaws.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

"It was always Tracy and Hepburn," Garson Kanin recalls.  The billing never changed:  the gentleman preceded the lady.  Once, when the celebrated author-director chided Spencer Tracy on his insistence on first billing, Spencer said "Why not?" his face full of innocence.  "Well, after all," his friend replied, "she's the lady.  You're the man.  Ladies first?"  "This is a movie chowderhead," said Spence, "not a lifeboat."

They were one couple everyone knew of but no one really knew anything about.  What kept these two--so opposite in taste and technique--so fiercely together for twenty-seven years?

Garson Kanin remained close to the two great stars throughout their long friendship.  He has shared his experience and his affection for them with us by recounting--through personal anecdotes as unpredictable and astonishing as Tracy and Hepburn themselves--the times--troubled, hectic, or satisfying--that they spent in Hollywood, New York, London, and Paris.

Kanin gives us his Kate--the born eccentric, charming, brilliantly inventive, and determined.  Here is Spence, the greatest screen actor of his generation:  sharp, magnanimous, joking, tense.  This book is a joyous tribute to two extraordinary people.