The Wainscott Weasel by Tor Seidler Illustrated by Fred Marcellino

$ 24.00

Tor Seidler, 'The Wainscott Weasel,' published by Michael Di Capua Books of Harper Collins Publishers, 1993 stated first edition, illustrated by Fred Marcellino.

The Wainscott Weasel is a 194 page half-cloth hardcover measuring 9 1/8" x 7".  The cover has minor chips and edge wear but is clean.  Inside, the book is pristine, with no evidence of use.  The condition is very good. 

Book Summary

Fish, foxes, farmers, and frogs, seagulls, sparrows, and swans, turtles, and terns--the ponds and fields and woods of Wainscott are home to all sorts of creatures.  But the most remarkable citizens of this seaside community are the weasels:  Zeke Whitebelly and his boisterous brothers; Wendy Blackish, whose come to summer with her aunt and uncle; Bagley Brown Jr., the lonely son of a famous father.

While the other young weasels dance under the pines, Bagley thinks about Bridget, the mesmerizing fish who lives in a pond down the brook from his den.  Only a true hero can save Bridget from the gruesome death that awaits her--and this is exactly what Bagley, much to his own surprise, proves himself to be.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  92-54526