The Victory Garden Landscape Guide by Thomas Wirth

$ 14.00

The Victory Garden Landscape Guide by Thomas Wirth is a 360-page softcover published by Little, Brown & Company, 1984.  The overall condition is very good, with only slight surface wear to the cover. 

Book Summary

Here is the landscaping book for everyone, from city dweller to suburbanite to the owner of wide open country spaces.  Written by Thomas Wirth, a noted landscape architect and frequent guest on PBS's The Victory Garden and This Old House television shows, The Victory Garden Landscape Guide demystifies landscaping and teaches you to design outdoor spaces to your needs and tastes.  It shows you as well how to use, choose, and care for hundreds of varieties of shrubs, trees, ground covers, vines, and other decorative plantings.  Furthermore, it offers unique information on inanimate landscaping materials such as stone, gravel, concrete, metal, wood, and brick.

ISBN:  0-316-94845-4