The Summing Up by W. Somerset Maugham

$ 12.00

W. Somerset Maugham, 'The Summing Up,' a Signet Classic published by The New American Library, originally published in 1938, this copy is the twelfth printing of July, 1964.

The Summing Up is a 191 page paperback measuring 7" x 4 1/4".  The cover is clean.  Inside, the pages are clean and unmarked, with some tanning around the page edges.  The title page attached to the binding is dry.  There is a light damp stain along the bottom of the title pages.  There is some yellow highlighting to under ten pages.  The condition is good.

Book Summary

The Summing Up is precisely what its title indicates:  the summing up of a life, and a distillation of hard-won wisdom.  Unsentimental, unapologetic, and superbly crafted, it represents the personal testament of a writer who achieved an extraordinarily successful literary career and created a pattern of existence of singular inner integrity.  Within it are blended the most varied elements--autobiographical detail and philosophical speculation, incisive commentary on the part of writing and broad reflections upon religion, morality, and above all, humanity.  Combining profound skepticism with an abiding reverence for life, and unyielding pride of intellect with acute awareness of personal limitations, The Summing Up is remarkable for its honesty and illumination; its stands as both a portrait and a product of one of the truly fascinating minds of our time.