The Ready-Set-Grow Series by Joy Wilt Berry: 23 Books

$ 40.00

Joy Wilt Berry, 'The Ready-Set-Grow Series,' published by Word, Incorporated, 1980, illustrated by Ernie Hergenroeder.  The Ready-Set-Grow Series is approximately 128 pages per book and measuring 8" x 7 3/4".  The overall condition is good.  

Books in this Series Include

Tuff Stuff; You're Either One or the Other; Needing Each Other; The Nitty-Gritty of Family Life; Saying What You Mean; A Kid's Guide to Understanding Parents; Handling Your Disagreements; Using Your Head; A Consumer's Guide for Kids; Danger!; Surviving Fights with Your Brothers and Sisters; Handling Your Ups and Downs; A Kid's Guide to Managing Money; You Can Do It; Keeping Your Body Alive and Well; A Kid's Guide to Managing Time; A Kid's Guide to Making Friends; Checking 'Em Out and Sizing 'Em Up; You're All Right; Making Up Your Mind; Mine & Yours; May I?  Please? Thank You!; A Kid's TV Guide. 

Note:  This series is missing 1 book, You're One of a Kind, to make a complete set

ISBN:  0-8499-8136-0