The Pruning Book: Fruit Trees and Ornamentals by Gustav L. Wittrock

$ 10.00

The Pruning Book:  Fruit Trees and Ornamentals by Gustav L. Wittrock is a 172-page hardcover published by Rodale Press, 1951. The dust jacket is in fair condition, with numerous creases, small chips and tears along upper edge of jacket. Rubbing evident elsewhere on cover.  The book has some bumping to the spine.  Inside, the pages are intact and unmarked.

Book Summary

The orchardist, the gardener, the homemaker grows shrubs and trees for specific purposes--for food, for shelter, and for beautifying his home and his community.  To get the best and most satisfying results, each kind of woody plant must be pruned in a particular way and in the proper season.  So many of the shrubs and trees in the grounds of the average American home and town or city are so badly pruned that their natural beauty is replaced by the ugliness of abnormality and their vigorous growth and flowering by premature old age.  These conditions emphasize the need of a pruning guide which is well illustrated and easy to follow.  This book explains the advantages of pruning and gives specific directions for the pruning of specific classes of plants.