The Practical Flower Garden by Helena Rutherfurd Ely

$ 8.00

The Practical Flower Garden by Helena Rutherfurd Ely is a 304-page hardcover published by The Macmillan Company, "Set Up and Electrotyped, Published April 1911."  There is no dust jacket.   The binding is loose but intact.  There is a loose thread in the binding but it has not come undone.  The spine is slightly cocked.  The top edge is gilded.  The spine shows some bumping along bottom edge.  The corners are slightly worn.  The condition is fair as this is an old book.

Book Summary

In this little book are given the results of my experience in practical work in the flower garden during the last five years, in caring for the grass and evergreens, arranging flowers to secure constant color effects, raising plants and trees from seeds, and the use of fertilizers most suited to the needs of the various plants and productive of the best results.  -- Helena Rutherfurd Ely, March 1911