The Cosgrove Report by G.J.A. O'Toole

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G.J.A. O'Toole, 'The Cosgrove Report,' published by McClelland and Stewart, Ltd., 1979.

The Cosgrove Report is a 424 page hardcover measuring 9 1/8" x 6".  The dust jacket has shelf wear along the edges and a 1/4" chip to the bottom of the spine.  The back corner flap is damp stained.  Inside, the bottom edge of the spine is bumped.  There are some stains on the end pages.  The rest of the book is clean and unmarked.  The condition is good.

Book Summary

The Cosgrove Report is both a gripping historical thriller, and a new and entirely plausible solution to that still unanswered question:  why was Abraham Lincoln murdered?  It is a novel of immense power and imagination, but it is also based on meticulous research into the government's official records of the assassination and the forgotten memoirs of many eyewitnesses. 

The novel opens when a recently discovered 19th century manuscript falls into the hands of modern-day private investigator Michael Croft.  His assignment:  to verify the historical accuracy of papers that reveal one of the most shocking cover-ups in American history--the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the alleged capture and death of John Wilkes Booth. 

The manuscript itself, written by Pinkerton detective Nicholas Cosgrove, plunges both croft and the reader back into post-Civil War Washington.  In 1868, Cosgrove is hired by Secretary of War Edwin Stanton to investigate rumors that Booth is still alive.  Seeking proof, Cosgrove and Stanton open Booth's grave and are stunned to find it empty.  At Stanton's request, Cosgrove sets out to pursue the elusive Booth--to bring him to justice, or to recover the missing body.  His search brings him face to face with some of the most illustrious people of the period, and exposes a trail of lies and evasions equal to any modern political scandal. 

ISBN:  0-89256-091-6