The Cheerful Day by Nan Fairbrother

$ 12.00

The Cheerful Day by Nan Fairbrother is a 242-page hardcover, a Borzoi Book, published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1960, stated first edition.  The dust jacket has numerous creases, small chips and tears along upper edge of jacket. Rubbing evident elsewhere on cover.  The book also has some age appropriate surface wear.  Inside, the pages are unmarked and solidly bound. 

Book Summary

Nan Fairbrother delighted thousands with An English Year and Men and Gardens--two unforgettable evocations of the English countryside and of a deeply perceptive woman's thoughts and feelings in the course of daily family life.  Now she and her family have moved to London; and with William, her doctor husband, and her two sons, John and Peter, we go with her from the quiet of the farm to the center of the huge capital--bustling, exciting, somehow foreign and dangerous at first.  We see how the family--the parents no less than the children--gradually embrace and enjoy their London life, through the commonplaces and pleasures of everyday living.

But this book is more than the account of a transplanting.  It is a re-creation of the value of a family.  Through the jokes, the teasings, the little quarrels, the sudden revelations of growth in the children, we get the sense of a small oasis of warmth and light in the midst of a busy world.  And clearest of all emerges from it the figure of a woman of lovely inquiring spirit.  Women everywhere will identify with her; and men, no matter how much they cherish their wives, will from time to time find themselves sitting and staring into space and thinking of Nan Fairbrother.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  59-15949