The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm

$ 6.00

The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm is a 146-page softcover published by Harper Colophon Books, Harper & Row Publishers, first published in 1956, this copy is the first Harper Colophon Edition of 1962.  The cover has a lot of creases and surface wear but no tears.  Inside, the pages are clean, with minimal highlighting.  This is a reader's copy.     

Book Summary

The reading of this book would be a disappointing experience for anyone who expects easy instruction in the art of loving.  This book, on the contrary, wants to show that love is not a sentiment which can be easily indulged in by anyone, regardless of the level of maturity reached by him.  It wants to convince the reader that all his attempts for love are bound to fail, unless he tries most actively to develop his total personality, so as to achieve a productive orientation; that satisfaction in individual love cannot be attained without the capacity to love one's neighbor, without true humility, courage, faith and discipline.  In a culture in which these qualities are rare, the attainment of the capacity to love must remain a rare achievement.  Or--anyone can ask himself how many truly loving persons he has known.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  56-8750