Terracotta Mustard Jars from France, Set of Six

$ 45.00

A set of six old terracotta mustard, or "Moutarde" jars from France.  The jars are glazed inside and on the front but unglazed on the area where the name of the condiment is written in black, and look very similar to the condiments jars that hail from Aux Anysetiers du Roy restaurant in Paris.  The jars each measure 2 1/4" across the rim, 3 1/8" across the body, and 3 1/2" tall.  Each of the jars is very clean, but some have remnants of the wax around the rim.  The bottoms are each marked "Made in France" and the jars included in this set include: 

  • Moutarde Rustique  (2)
  • Moutarde de Dijon  (2) 
  • Moutarde a la Provencale  (2)

The overall condition is very good, with no chips, cracks, or repairs noted.