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La Cousine Bourgeoise means cooking as you find it in the French home...a little less elaborate, a little less expensive than la haute cuisine of the famous French restaurants, but nonetheless superb, artistic and delicious.  One man has been chiefly responsible for that excellence--M. Henri-Paul Pellaprat.  One book has been the "bible" of la cuisine bourgeoise--this published for the American kitchen as EVERYDAY FRENCH COOKING, with recipes and cooking advice geared to the equipment you use, to the ingredients you can buy at the supermarket, and to the limited time you have to spend. 

Here are the secrets and the sauces, the magic and the marinades, the wisdom and the wines.  Alors, let us begin to cook a la francaise.

From Postage Stamp Collage Art by Russ Hahn:  John A. Dickert (1896-1973), formerly of Overbrook, New Jersey, created many small symmetrical floral design collages from the 1950s to 1973.  His collages were generally greeting card or postcard size.  Dickert's collages are small but intricate and well done.  In 1966 the Philadelphia Mainline Times ran an article on Dickert, who was 70 at the time.  Princess Grace of Monaco saw the article and invited him to exhibit his collages at the Palais de Monaco as part of a postage stamp exhibit she was organizing.  Her highness wrote, in part:  "I was fascinated with your beautiful and intricate floral designs and I thought a few examples of your decoupages would enhance the exhibit greatly..."  The artist sent twenty-five pieces.  While there is no evidence Princes Grace purchased any of the collages, a copy of the letter of invitation to Dickert was included in a Mainline follow-up article on April 27, 1967.