Royal Crockery Nippon (Japan) Hand Painted Porcelain Trays, A Pair

$ 40.00

A set of two hand painted Nippon porcelain dishes from Royal Crockery China decorated with applied gold and blue accented flowers flanked by black and gold zig-zag designs and peach vertical stripes.  Both matching dishes measure 5 1/4" square.  The bottom is painted "RC Hand Painted Nippon" in red and green, and the condition of both is very good.

A Brief History of Nippon China

The McKinley Tariff Act was passed by the United States Congress and enacted in 1890.  This law required that all manufactured goods imported to the United States be marked with the country of origin. As "Nippon" was the Japanese word for the country of Japan, goods made there for import into the United States was marked "Nippon" to comply with the law.  This stood in effect until 1921 when it was ruled that the country of origin needed to be in English, and thus from the period between the passage of the McKinley Act in 1890 and the new ruling in 1921, "Nippon" appeared in authentic marks. From 1921 on, any Japanese porcelain exported to the United States was marked "Japan" instead of "Nippon."