Rene Frugier Aluminite (Limoges, France) Souffle Dish and 11 Matching Ramekins

$ 75.00

A souffle dish and matching ramekins with ribbed sides and colorful painted designs of vegetables by Frugier Aluminite.  The large dish measures 8" across the rim and 3 1/4" high.  The ramekins, eleven in all, measure 3 1/2" across the rim and 1 1/2" high.  The bottom is marked "Aluminite Frugier Limoges France."  A close inspection of all pieces reveals the set to be in good original condition.  There may/may not have been a lid with the larger piece at one time.  This is a beautiful set. 

An interesting note:  Four out of the eleven ramekins have unglazed bottoms whereas the rest of the ramekins and souffle dish have glazed bottoms...