Questions Children Ask by Edith and Ernest Bonhivert

$ 8.00

Questions Children Ask by Edith and Ernest Bonhivert is a 192-page hardcover published by Standard Educational Corporation, Chicago, 1982.  There is no dust jacket.  The spine and corners are bumped.  Inside, the pages are clean and unmarked and the binding is tight and square. 

Book Summary

This is your book.  You children asked the questions.  That is why we call this book Questions Children Ask.

You asked many, many questions.  We kept a question box into which we put all the questions that came to us through the mail or over the telephone.  Each day we empties the question box and looked at your questions.  You asked all kinds!  How does a spaceman walk in space?  Why do leaves turn red and yellow in fall?  How does television work?  You asked about puppies and bears and dinosaurs.  You asked wether plants ever sleep.  You asked why the sky is blue and why the tides come in and go out.  You wanted to know about jet planes and submarines too. 

We hope you'll keep on asking many more questions.  We hope, too, that you will discover it's fun to find answers on your own! 

Standard Book Number:  87392-006-6