Plastics Manufacturing Co. (Texas, USA) Texas Ware Melmac Cornflower Blue Splatter Bowl

$ 35.00

A cornflower blue melmac splatter ware bowl from Texas Ware.  The rimmed bowl measures 11 3/8" across and 5 1/8" high.  The bottom is impressed with the model number "125" and "Plastics Manufacturing Co. TEXAS WARE Dallas Texas USA."  The bowl is in very good condition, with the only flaw being faint utensil marks on the inside bottom. 

Texas Ware Bowls

Texas Ware, also known as confetti, Dallas, speckle or splatter ware, was made by the Plastics Manufacturing Company from the 1950s to the 1990s.  The bowls were made of melamine, or melmac,  mixed with bits and pieces of leftover melamine from other jobs to create the multicolored confetti look.