Our Native Trees by Harriet L. Keeler

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**Please note condition of binding**

Our Native Trees by Harriet L. Keeler is a 533-page hardcover published by Charles Scribner's Sons New York, first published in 1900, this copy published in 1904.  This is a gorgeous book.  The cover has some wear to the corners.  Inside, the previous owner's name from 1904 is written on the front end page.  There are 3 areas along the inside cover where the end page is coming away from the binding however the rest of the book is nicely bound.  Considering the age (1900), this book is in good condition.

Book Summary

The trees described in this volume are those indigenous to the region extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains and from Canada to the northern boundaries of the southern states; together with a few well-known and naturalized foreign trees such as the Horse-chestnut, Lombardy Poplar, Ailanthus and Sycamore Maple.

It is hoped that this book will commend itself:

To amateur botanists who desire a more extended and accurate description of tress than given by the botanical text-books in ordinary use.

To such of the general public as habitually live near fields and woods; or whose love of rural life has led them to summer homes in hill country or along the sea-shore; or whose daily walks lead them through our city parks and open commons.

To all those who feel that their enjoyment of out-door life would be distinctly increased were they able easily to determine the names of trees.