Original Acrylic Painting of Colorful Flowers by Lisa Daria Kennedy

$ 25.00

An original acrylic painting entitled "Feeding Frenzy" depicting colorful flowers in movement and is signed by artist Lisa Daria Kennedy.  The painting measures about 5 1/2" square and is housed in a silver frame with concave borders that bring the total measurements to 9 7/8" square.  The back of the frame shows the artist's name and framing shop sticker as well as hanging wire and backing paper that has a little hole in it.  The overall condition is very good.  There are some small areas of wear to the silver frame due to handling, storage and use. 

About the Art Sold at Mateland's

The paintings, watercolors, pictures and prints sold at Mateland's all have something in common--they are unique and/or original.  We have a special affinity for self-taught artists and "Outsider Art" and see great potential in art that, with the simple changing of a frame, can be rejuvenated and incorporated into modern settings.  If you'd like to have any additional photographs taken or even a video, we'd be happy to do that for you.