Nemadji Tile and Pottery (Minnesota, USA) Large Blue and Orange Ovoid Vase

$ 30.00

A large ovoid shaped Nemadji vase with striated colors of blue and orange over an unglazed natural clay background and glazed interior.  The vase measures 7 " across the mid-body, 4 1/4" wide across the rim, 3 1/4" wide across the base, and 8" high.  The bottom is stamped "Nemadji Pottery USA" and the condition is very good.

Nemadji Tile & Pottery Company of Minnesota

Nemadji Tile & Pottery Company was founded in 1923 in Moose Lake, Minnesota and is known for its unglazed vases decorated with swirled and marbleized color in warm earth tones.  The word Nemadji is named after the clay banks of the Nemadji River in Minnesota, but the company does not have any affiliation with Native Americans, as it was a marketing effort by the company to associate itself with Native American art to appeal to the tourist trade during the Great Depression.  The swirled patterns were formed by dipping an unglazed vase into a vat of water to which paint was added.  When the vase was lifted, the paint transferred onto the vase creating its distinct marbleized effect.  Nemadji closed operations in 2001.