Monet's Table: The Cooking Journals of Claude Monet

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Monet's Table:  The Cooking Journals of Claude Monet is a 191-page hardcover published in 1990 by Simon and Schuster.  The dust jacket has some shelf wear along the top and bottom edges.  Inside, the book is in pristine condition.

Book Summary

One of the most influential painters of modern times, Claude Monet lived for half his life in the famous house in Giverny. It was after moving here in 1883 with his future second wife, Alice Hoschede, and their eight children that Monet's work finally achieve recognition. His growing success meant that he was able to indulge his passion for comfort and good living.

Family meals, special celebrations, luncheons with friends, picnics all reflected the Monet's love of good food. Just as the inspiration for many of Monet's paintings was drawn from his beloved Gardens and the surrounding Normandy landscape, so the meals served at Giverny were based upon superb ingredients from the kitchen Garden the work of art in itself, the farmyard, and the French Countryside.

A moody, reserved, and very private man whose daily routine revolve totally around his painting, Monet nevertheless enjoyed entertaining his friends, many of whom were leading figures of the time. As well as his fellow impressionist in particular Renoir, Pissarro, Sisley, Degas and Cezanne, other regular guests include Rodan, Whistler, Maupassant, Valery, and one of Monet's closest friends, the Statesman Clemenceau.

They came to dine and almost ritual form, first visiting Monet studio in the greenhouses, then having lunch at 11:30 the time the family always dined, to enable Monet to make the most of the afternoon light. Tea would later be served under the lime trees or near the pond. Guests we're never invited to dinner, because Monet went to bed very early in order to rise at dawn all the guests were familiar with Monet's rigid timetable.

The recipes collected in this cooking journals include dishes Monet had encountered in his travels red come across and restaurants he frequents it in Paris as well as recipes from Friends.  For this book, the author Claire Joyes, wife of Madam Monet's great-grandson, had spent years selecting the Monet's favorite recipes and writing a wonderfully evocative introductory text. All the recipes have been are fully prepared and brought back to life and Monet's on kitchen by Master Chef Joel Robuchon.

Illustrated with sumptuous reproductions of Monet's paintings, spectacular original full Color photographs of Giverny, selected shots of finished dishes, and facsimile pages from the notebooks themselves, this book provides a fascinating and unique insight into the turn-of-the-century lifestyle of one of the world's most celebrated Impressionist painters.

ISBN:  0-671-69259-3