Making Things Grow: A Practical Guide for the Indoor Gardener by Thalassa Cruso

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Thalassa Cruso, 'Making Things Grow:  A Practical Guide for the Indoor Gardener,' A Borzoi Book, published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York.  First published in September 1969.  This copy is the eighth printing of November, 1972.  Illustrations by Grambs Miller

Making Things Grow:  A Practical Guide for the Indoor Gardener is a 257 page hardcover measuring 9 1/4" x 6 1/4".  The dust jacket has two closed tears along the top and borrom edges, some staining along the bottom of the spine, and general shelf wear.  Inside, the cloth bound hardcover has some sun fading and the spine is bumped.  The name of the previous owner is stamped on the back endpages but the remained of the book is in good condition, with solid binding and clean pages. 

Book Summary

Here, at last, for everyone who has ever wanted to grow beautiful houseplants is a book that dispels forever the tiresome myth of the green thumb and shows you exactly what to do--winter summer, spring, and fall--to make your potted plants, window boxes, and hanging plants flourish and give delight.

Thalassa Cruso, the famous "plant lady" of educational television, has put into this book the straightforward, down-to-earth approach to plants that has won an adoring audience across the country for her weekly "Making Things Grow" programs.

Her highly personal, intensely practical guide starts with basic care--and she gives you the why behind every what-to-do so clearly that you begin to have a feel for the way plants work and what they need from you.  She tells:

  • How to solve the watering problem--when and how often; why too much is more dangerous than too little; why there is a catch to watering plants from below; learning to know your plants as thirsty individuals
  • How to tell a practical pot from a status symbol, why never to cover pots with foil, when and how to report your plant with dash, courage, and efficiency--to save its life or simply to make it grow more beautifully
  • Soil--how to understand, buy, find, improve it
  • How to train, prune, pinch, divide, control your plants and keep them from becoming a jungle
  • What questions to ask when you buy a plant, how to grow plants from seedlings and cuttings, how to cope with pests, what tools you need and how to use them
  • How to know when your plant is not dead but dormant; why plants need--and must be given--sleep.

Leafy plants, flowering plants, herbs, exotic plants for the adventurous, even "neglectable plants" for the indoor gardener who has no time at all--there is something here for every plant lover.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  69-17238