London Fields by Martin Amis

$ 12.00

Martin Amis, 'London Fields,' published by Vintage Books, a division of Random House, New York.  First published in 1989, this copy is the stated first vintage international edition of April 1991. 

London Fields is a 470 page softcover measuring 8" x 5 1/4".  The book is in very good condition, with no evidence of use and just very light shelf wear along the cover edges from age. 

Book Summary

London Fields is Martin Amis's murder story for the end of the millennium.  The murderee is Nicola Six, a "black hole" of sex and self-loathing intent on orchestrating her own extinction.  The murderer may be Keith Talent, a violent lowlife whose only passions are pornography and darts, or the rich, honorable, and dimly romantic Guy Clinch.  And as Nicola leads her suitors toward the precipice, London--and, indeed, the entire world--seems to shamble after them, in a corrosively funny narrative of pyrotechnic complexity and scalding moral vision.  

ISBN:  0-679-73034-6