Largely Literary Designs, Inc. (North Carolina, USA) Johann Sebastian Bach Caricature Ceramic Mug

$ 20.00

A humorous circa 1992 ceramic drink mug featuring a caricature of Johann Sebastian Bach as rendered by artist Steven Cragg.  The mug is 3 1/2" tall with a 12 oz. capacity.  The bottom is marked with "Largely Literary Designs, Inc. Chapel Hill, North Carolina Text @Largely Literary Designs, Inc. Copyright MCMXCII Caricature Copyright StevenCragg Made in Korea."  The condition is excellent, with only minor hints of previous use.  

Here's What the Mug Says:

Johann Sebastian Bach

Who was it that first said, "If it ain't baroque, don't fix it?"  No, but seriously, folks, it could have been Johann Sebastian Bach, the great German composer.  That's right:  the great German composer.  We feel the need to mention this again because there was a time (several hundred years ago) when Bach wasn't known as a composer at all but as an organist.  He was the guy you hired for your wedding, your sweet sixteen party, your son's bar mitzvah, etc.  Sort of like getting Picasso to paint your barn.  Or Faulkner to write ad copy.  Anyhow, Bach reminds us, in some ways at least, of our Uncle Levy.  For example, he (Bach, not Uncle Levy) read very little, had no interest in the other arts, and never left his country.  Similarly, our Uncle Levy doesn't read at all, has no interest of any kind and won't leave his living room.  But there the resemblance ends.  Uncle Levy has never played the organ.