Hamlet by William Shakespeare Edited by Jeff Dolven

$ 8.00

Hamlet by William Shakespeare Edited by Jeff Dolven is a 434-page softcover published by Barnes & Noble, 2007.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

Shakespeare's compelling treatment of guilt and revenge in Hamlet has fascinated playgoers and readers for 400 years.  The Barnes & Noble Shakespeare Hamlet is the first edition of the play based entirely on the Second Quarto of 1604, providing a text as close as possible to the play Shakespeare wrote.

Barnes & Noble Shakespeare features newly edited texts of the plays prepared by the world's premiere Shakespeare scholars.  Each edition provides new scholarship with an introduction, commentary, unusually full and informative notes, an account of the play as it would have been performed in Shakespeare's theaters, and an essay on how to read Shakespeare's language.

ISBN-13:  978-1-4114-0034-4

ISBN-10:  1-4114-0034-8