Haeger Potteries (Illinois, USA) Urn Vase

$ 35.00

A stunning urn vase from Haeger Potteries measuring 9 1/2" tall and 7" across the rim.  The vase has two large mid-set handles and a beautiful exterior finish of crystalline gold washed over a brown glaze.  The base has a Haeger sticker and three felt pads.  The condition is pristine, clean, and with no cracks, chips or crazing.  The inside shows no evidence of use.

Haeger Potteries of Illinois

Haeger Potteries was founded in East Dundee, Illinois in 1871 by David H. Haeger.  Initially a brick manufacturer, in 1914 Haeger began producing commercial artware and ceramics for the florist and home markets.  Royal Arden Hickman joined the company in 1938 and the pottery and finishes he created under the Royal Haeger line during his tenure are popular for their art deco lines and lush finishes.  Haeger Potteries ceased operations in 2016.