French Provincial Cooking by Elizabeth David

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French Provincial Cooking by Elizabeth David is a 584-page paperback published by Penguin Books, first published in 1960, this copy published in 1978.   There is very little surface wear or flaws to the cover.  Inside, the pages are clean and unmarked. 

Book Summary

Elizabeth David always succeeds in inducing a desire to use each recipe as soon as it is read.  Whether she is describing the preparation of a plain green salad, or the marinading of a haunch of wild boar, she writes with the same imaginative directness.  Recipes like pot au feu are described in all their delicious simplicity, which, it is made clear, means cooking without elaboration and has nothing to do with the higgledy piggledy 'let's hope its all right' technique.  Some excellent advice is included on the choice of the tools that would always be needed in any kitchen.

ISBN:  0 14 046.099 3