Everyday French Cooking by Henri-Paul Pellaprat

$ 20.00

Henri-Paul Pellaprat, 'Everyday French Cooking,' a Signet Book, published by New American Library, first published in 1968, this copy is the first printing of February 1970. 

Everyday French Cooking is a 637 page paperback measuring 7" x 4 1/8".  The cover has minor surface wear and tanning to the edges.  Inside, the front end paper has the previous owner's name in ink.  The inside pages have tanning to the edges but otherwise are clean and unmarked.  The condition is good. 

Book Summary

La Cousine Bourgeoise means cooking as you find it in the French home...a little less elaborate, a little less expensive than la haute cuisine of the famous French restaurants, but nonetheless superb, artistic and delicious.  One man has been chiefly responsible for that excellence--M. Henri-Paul Pellaprat.  One book has been the "bible" of la cuisine bourgeoise--this one...now published for the American kitchen as EVERYDAY FRENCH COOKING, with recipes and cooking advice geared to the equipment you use, to the ingredients you can buy at the supermarket, and to the limited time you have to spend. 

Here are the secrets and the sauces, the magic and the marinades, the wisdom and the wines.  Alors, let us begin to cook a la francaise.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  68-28744