Emily Dickinson: Poems Selected, with an Introduction and Notes by John Malcolm Brinnin

$ 8.00

Edited by John Malcolm Brinnin, 'Emily Dickinson:  Poems Selected,' published by Dell Publishing Company, Inc., first published in 1960, this copy is the third printing of April, 1963. 

Emily Dickinson: Poems Selected is a 160 page paperback measuring 6 3/8" x 4 1/8".  The cover and inside pages have tanning to the edges.  The binding is tight and the pages are unmarked but there are some dogeared corners.  The condition is good. 

Book Summary

From the introduction by John Malcolm Brinnin:  "Emily Dickinson's legend does not conveniently accommodate the out-size 'Empress of Calvary' whose suffering goads her to defy the very God her deeper nature wants only to praise...Neither does it find room for the defeated woman who, with careful malevolence, undermines the divine optimism that promises her only salvation.  In this role she is never the pretty versifier or the sprightly caroller of the New England idyll or even the long-suffering communicant with nature.  In this role she is the daemonic artist in fury, wrenching the tight metres and neat figures of her characteristic language in order to come upon utterance adequate to her anguish."