Early American Wall Stencils in Color

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Early American Wall Stencils in Color is a 138-page softcover published in 1982 by E.P. Dutton.  The book's condition is very good. 

Book Summary

As a project for the nation's Bicentennial in 1976, Alice fjelstul and Patricia Schad set out to study and learn stenciling in the early American manner. For several years they traced patterns from walls in New England and developed their easy method for applying the designs to walls and fabrics. They have now--together with Barbara Marhoefer--incorporated all of that valuable experience into this uniquely beautiful and practical guide to the decorative art of stenciling.

  • more than 70 full size early American patterns for stenciling walls and fabrics
  • A page of alternate color schemes to provide variety in your decorative designs
  • Step by step directions for stenciling walls and fabrics with tools and materials that are easily available and easy to use.
  • Tips on how to decorate a home, office, or shop with stenciling.
  • Directions on how to cut a stencil from any pattern.
  • A list of places where you can see original early American stenciling.

ISBN: 0-525-47683-0