Down the Common A Year in the Life of a Medieval Woman by Ann Baer

$ 8.00

Ann Baer, 'Down the Common:  A Year in the Life of a Medieval Woman,' published by M. Evans and Company, Inc., 1996.

Down the Common A Year in the Life of a Medieval Woman is a 234 page hardcover measuring 9.25" x 6 1/8".  The dust jacket has just one tiny closed tear along the top of the spine.  Inside, the pages are clean and unmarked but the binding is cracked on one page at the front of the book.  The rest of the pages are affixed to the binding.  The condition is very good otherwise.  

Book Summary

Month by month, as if in stanzas, Ann Baer composes a plainsong in celebration of the daily life of one woman in the world of Medieval England.  Hunger, cold, brutal backbreaking work and worry fail to blind Marion, the carpenter's wife, to the magic all around her--the clean and holy smell of an empty church, a surprising aquamarine sky on a cold day, the firelight filling the dark Manor hall at the Christmas Feast, a splash of honey in which the color of the sun is trapped.  Gifted with seeing beauty, Marion, like generations of women before and after, becomes her village's salvation because she gratefully receives the bounty, good and bad, of the world in which she lives.

ISBN:  0-87131-818-0