Custom Pink and Green Satin Ruffled Lampshades, A Pair

$ 25.00

A pair of custom-made lampshades featuring a satin fabric of pink and green plaid that's been pleated along the shade and ruffled along the bottom.  The shades have a brass harp-style fitting on the top and measures 6 1/4" across the top, 12" across the bottom, and is 8" high.  The maker is unknown and the condition of both is very good.

Choosing the Right Lamp Shade for a Lamp Base

There are many lamp shade sizes and styles (empire, oval, drum, square) and luckily, there are simple equations and guidelines to ensure that your lamp shade looks correct on your lamp base.  First, consider the shape of the lamp.  A lamp looks best when matched with a shade that has a similar shape.  So, if the base is round, a round lamp shade (empire or drum) is the most appropriate shape.  A square or angular base looks great with a square lamp shade, and so on.  As for the math:

  • Start by measuring your lamp base.  Measure across the widest point, and then measure the height from the bottom to the top (excluding the light socket).  The shade width should be twice as wide as the base and about 2/3 the height of the base.  For example, if a lamp is 8" wide, the width of the shade should be 16" (8" x 2 = 16"), and if the lamp height is 20" (not including light socket), the shade height should be 13" (0.667 x 20 =13".  0.667 is the fraction 2/3 converted into a decimal then multiplied by the lamp base height).  If your measurements fall in-between numbers, choose the larger size, and if your shade shows about 1/2" of the lamp neck, that's not a big deal.    
  • Some lamp bases have harp fittings or harp cups already attached.  A harp fitting is the metal u-shaped piece with ends that squeeze inside the little saddles of the harp cup found below the light socket.  The harp fitting is secured in place with little caps that slide over the saddles.  The harp supports the lampshade and protects the light bulb.  If your lamp base has a harp and/or harp cup, you'll need to choose a shade with a spider fitter.  A spider fitter is a lamp shade that has three arms that are integrated into the top of the shade with a hole in the center that sits over the top of the harp and is secured to the harp with a finial.  Choose the correct lampshade first, then choose the correct harp size, but if your lamp comes with a harp fitting and you want to cover all bases with measurements, a general rule is to measure from the harp bottom to the shade rest at the top (where the finial is screwed into) and choose a shade that is no more or less than an inch taller than the harp.  For example, if you have a 10-inch tall harp, your shade shouldn't be less than 9-1/2 inches or more than 10-1/2 inches tall.  Compare this measurement with your lamp measurements to ensure that you have the correct harp fitting.  If not, you may need to upgrade to a larger (or smaller) harp fitting. 

Measurements to Take if You Have a Lampshade and Need a Lamp

  • Measure across the top, bottom, vertical slant (side) and vertical height (side) of your lamp shade.  See the measurements above to determine the best lamp base size for your lamp shade.