Corning Glass Works (New York, USA) Blue Cornflower 3 Cup Coffee or Tea Pot

$ 20.00

A small handled 3-cup coffee or tea pot in the blue "Cornflower" pattern by Corning Ware.  The pot measures 4 1/2" across excluding the handle, and sits 4" high.  The back of the pot behind the handle is marked "Corning Ware 3 Cup."  The condition is excellent, with a clean shiny finish and no hint of use other than general handling.

Corning's Blue Cornflower Pattern

Corning Ware's range/oven-to-table service first featured the blue 'Cornflower' pattern decoration, designed by Joseph Baum, an artist at the Charles Brunelle Advertising Agency in Hartford, Connecticut.  It became the trademark of Corning consumer products for three decades.