Camp Snoopy Collection "The Struggle For Security is no Picnic!" Drinking Glass

$ 10.00

A "The Struggle For Security is no Picnic!" glass from the Camp Snoopy Collection for McDonald's featuring Linus tearing his blue security blanket out from under Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock, and Snoopy who were using it as a picnic blanket, thus scattering all of them and their food into the air.  The glass measures 2 1/2" across the rim and 6" tall and is marked "Camp Snoopy Collection" with Copyright years (1950, 1952, 1958, 1965), "United Feature Syndicate," and the "McDonald's" logo.  The condition is very good and clean although the graphics not as shiny as they once were, but with no chips or cracks. 

Camp Snoopy Collection for McDonald's

In 1983, Knott's Berry Farm amusement park introduced Camp Snoopy as a section dedicated to children under the age of 12.  To celebrate this event, McDonald's introduced a set of "Camp Snoopy" drinking glasses that customer's would receive with the purchase of a drink.  There are five glasses in the Camp Snoopy Collection (six if you count the rare "Manager's Glass"):

    • Charlie Brown “Rats!  Why is Having Fun Always So Much Work?”
    • The "Manager's Glass" and is considered the sixth glass and is the rarest because it was never released to the public.  It was a promotional glass just for managers to encourage them to stock up on further releases.
    • Linus “The Struggle for Security is No Picnic!”
    • Snoopy “Morning People Are Hard to Love”
    • Lucy “There's No Excuse for Not Being Properly Prepared”
    • Snoopy “Civilization is Overrated!”