By Myself by Lauren Bacall

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By Myself by Lauren Bacall is a 418-page hardcover, a Borzoi Book published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1978, Book Club Edition.  The dust jacket has some edge wear to the spine and a watermark on the front cover.  The book has some slight bumping to the spine, which is slightly cocked.  Inside, there is a note written in ink to the previous owner.  Otherwise, the pages are clean and unmarked and the binding is tight.  The condition is good.

Book Summary

Here--in her own words, her own voice--is the life (so far) of Lauren Bacall, the nice, bright New York Jewish girl who at sixteen was working as an usher in Broadway theaters while scrambling around for the big break; who was "discovered" first as a model by Diana Vreeland, then as a potential movie star by Howard and Slim Hawks; and who--at age nineteen--found herself in Hollywood with a new name, a staring role, and sudden huge fame as a funny (she was) and tough (she wasn't) sexpot.  And who found Bogart, and became his "Baby," in one of the greatest of all Hollywood romances.

Here, too, are the wonderful years of Mrs. Humphrey Bogart--the young wife so intensely loved and in love; the Cinderella, astonished and entranced to be moving--as one of them! --among the very same royal figures of Hollywood she had so recently adored from afar, a teen-age fan like millions of others.  She takes us into that dream-life that was made real by the absolute realness of both Bogie and herself--into the happiness that after earlier years was shattered when Bogie died, horribly, of cancer.  And here also, after the long anguish that followed, are the years of Bacall remaking her life, redefining herself.

And she writes the way she it:  straightforward, funny, honest, alive; a woman who is loved and admired not just for her movies, not just for her looks, or for her legend, but for herself.  Here she is, alive on the page--Lauren Bacall, by herself.