Becoming Visible by Philip Lamantia

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Becoming Visible by Philip Lamantia is a 83-page paperback published by City Lights Books, 1981.  The cover has light surface rubbing.  Inside, the pages are clean and bright and the binding is tight.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

Becoming Visible underlines Lamantia's reputation as a "pioneering genius of American poetry...a master of the fixed-explosive image."  Crystallizing echoes from strange landscapes and forgotten history, Lamantia follows the signposts of traditional myth into new configurations of our own shadowed times.  You will not find here the spare descriptions of things nor the colloquial translations of thought into verse that inhabit mainstream tradition.  With roots in surrealism, Lamantia engages the wonders of language as revolutionary powers.  Calling for a willing suspension of rationalist expectations, his poems unmask a reality that always exists but is rarely seen.  Analogy pressed to the farthest limits moves the world through continual transformations.  It brings into view a metaphoric terrain where everything can turn into something else.  And this is the place where both myth and action are born.  Opulence, terror, black humor, and magic co-exist here, where time and timelessness, the objective world and the subjective imagination are fused. 

ISBN:  0-87286-124-4

ISBN:  0-87286-129-5 (pbk)