Bech is Back by John Updike

$ 6.00

Bech is Back by John Updike is a 180-page paperback, a Fawcett Crest Book published by Ballantine Books, first published in 1975, this copy published in 1982.  The book and cover are in good original condition.

Book Summary

Henry Bech, last heard from in Bech:  A Book, is back.  Famous for his writer's block, a Jew adrift in a world of Gentiles, the renowned author is now fifty years old.  In this absolutely wonderful novel, Bech reflects on his fame, roams the world, marries an Episcopalian divorcee from Westchester and--surprise to all--writes a book that becomes a smash best seller.  All the while, he looks at life with a blend of wonder and cynicism that will make you laugh with delight and wince in recognition.

If you've never read Updike before, there's no better place to start.  If you've read him for years, you'll discover anew why he's one of the best writers of our time.

ISBN:  0-449-20277-1