Beautiful Jim Key: The Lost History of A Horse and A Man by Mim Eichler Rivas

$ 20.00

Mim Eichler Rivas, 'Beautiful Jim Key:  The Lost History of a Horse and a Man,' published by William Morrow, an Imprint of Harpercollins Publishers, 2005, stated first edition. 

Beautiful Jim Key: The Lost History of A Horse and A Man is a 334 page hardcover measuring 9.25" x 6.25".  There is some damp stains to the front cover, else the dust jacket and book are in good condition.  

Book Summary

For close to a century, a majestic chapter of American history has been buried in an obscure grave in Shelbyville, Tennessee,  Beautiful Jim Key, the one-time ugly duckling of a scrub colt that became one of the most heralded and beloved horses of his day, was famous neither for his beauty nor his speed but instead for his exceptional intelligence.  Said to have an I.Q. equivalent to that of a human sixth-grader, Jim exploded on to the national scene in 1897 by demonstrating inexplicable abilities to read, write, spell, do mathematics, tell time, sort mail, cite biblical passages, and debate politics.   In this breathtaking saga, Jim's astonishing journey is coupled with that of his trainer and best friend, Dr. William Key, a self-taught veterinarian, former slave, Civil War veteran, prominent African-American entrepreneur, and one of the most renowned horse whisperers of his time.

ISBN:  0-06-056703-1