Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne

$ 8.00

Jules Verne, ' Around the World in Eight Days,' published by Dell Publishing Company, Inc., first published in 1872.  This is the fourteenth Dell Printing of June, 1980.

Around the World in Eighty Days is a 253 page paperback measuring 7" x 4 1/4".  The cover has some light creases.  There is a name written in ink on the inside front cover.  Inside, the pages are clean and lightly tanned and the binding is tight.  The condition is good. 

Book Summary

On Wednesday, the 2nd of October, 1872, an English gentleman made an incredible wager.  Phileas Fogg declared he would travel around the world in only eighty days or forfeit his life savings.  With little hesitation his fellow club members accepted the bet.  In his precise calculations of time and distance, Fogg was obviously failing to allow for the accidents avoidable and unavoidable that befall travelers.  A missed train or a storm at sea might well ruin his schedule.  Scotland Yard was making other calculations.  A man answering Phileas Fogg's description had just stolen 55,000 pounds from the Bank of England and would undoubtedly attempt to leave the country.  The adventures of Fogg, his indispensable valet Passepartout, and the detective sent off to apprehend them have delighted readers of all ages for over one hundred years.

ISBN:  0-440-90285-1