A Life On The Road by Charles Kuralt

$ 10.00

Charles Kuralt, 'A Life on the Road,' published by Ivy Books, New York, 1990. 

A Life on the Road is a 338 page paperback measuring 6 3/4" x 4".  The condition is very good, with only minor surface wear but otherwise appears to be in unread condition.

Book Summary

Join Charles Kuralt on the journey of his life.  From a southern boy bitten by wanderlust and wonder, to a curious rover writing for newspapers, radio, and TV, to a CBS News correspondent adventuring around the world from Cuba and Vietnam to the Congo and the North Pole, to his twenty-three glorious years roaming the back roads of America.  In this engaging memoir Kuralt relives a lifetime of discovering places and people whose unique stories enriched him, shaped him, and fueled his all-consuming passion:  to find out what wonderful thing waits just around the next bend.

ISBN:  0-8041-0869-2