Original Watercolor of a Venice Canal with the Steeples of St. Mark's Campanile

$ 40.00

**This watercolor does not come framed**

A original signed watercolor featuring a colorful rendering of a crowded moment in time on the Venice canal, with a gondolier in 1920s-era straw gondolier hat with arms folded, contemplating the view before him while two of his compatriots engage with the bustling crowd behind him.  A gondola resting in the canal water is in the foreground along with three oars resting against the fence.  The watercolor is attached with tape to a white mat and unattached foam backing board but there is no glass or frame included.  The watercolor measures 6" wide and 11 3/4" tall and with the mat, the total dimensions are 10" wide and 17" tall.  The watercolor is in excellent condition.

About the Art Sold at Mateland's

The paintings, watercolors, pictures and prints sold at Mateland's all have something in common--they are unique and/or original.  We have a special affinity for self-taught artists and "Outsider Art" and see great potential in art that, with the simple changing of a frame, can be rejuvenated and incorporated into modern settings.  If you'd like to have any additional photographs taken or even a video, we'd be happy to do that for you.