Alynn Neckwear (Connecticut, USA) "Marathon" Silk Necktie

$ 25.00

A 100% silk necktie from Alynn Neckwear featuring a repeating pattern of colorful marathon runners on a navy blue background.  The tie measures 58" long and 3 3/4" at the widest point.  The sewn-in label on the back of the necktie reads "Marathon Copywight Alynn Neckwear Creative American Design Stamford, CT."  The condition of the tie is very good.  

Tie Sizing and Maintenance

Sizing:  The widest point of the tie should evenly match the widest point of a jacket's lapel when buttoned.  A 58" long necktie fits most people but the width varies depending on personal style.  An ultra-skinny tie is 2” wide and a classic skinny tie is 2.5” wide.   A 3” wide tie is suitably modern and 3.25”-3.5” is a more traditional width (and works well for big or tall men).  When tied, the bottom of the tie should hit the middle of your belt buckle.

Cleaning and Maintenance: To keep ties looking their best, remove the tie by reversing the steps taken to tie the tie.  Hang ties up on a tie rack or clothes hanger to allow any wrinkles to ease out.  Treat stains by blotting (not rubbing) the affected area with water or seltzer or, if it's a grease stain, talcum powder.  Wait a few hours then brush off and clean with a cloth.  Avoid ironing your tie.  If there are wrinkles, hang it up in the bathroom while taking a shower or use a steam iron for deeper wrinkles.